What we Accept

  • Clothing (clean)
  • Sports equipment: Winter  (September – February);   Summer (March – August)
  • Dishes (sets only, no singles please)
  • Furniture (no rips/stains/odours/damage or pet hair.  This includes water damage, or corner damage on particle board items).
  • Lighting (no ceiling fans)
  • Books (no encyclopedias, text books, or Readers Digest).
  • Hardware (no hazardous waste, or building materials).
  • Small Appliances  (clean, complete and in working order.  Please note:  We are unable to accept any items that contain crumbs, grease or baked-on food particles remaining.)
  • Toys (clean, complete and not broken)
  • Electronics (in working order) * please see items we cannot accept.
  • Outdoor furniture  – accepted from April to August  (Must be clean, mildew free and unbroken.)
  • Mattresses & box springs (Free of STAINS.  No rips or odours.  Box springs must be intact.)
  • CDs, DVDs, VHSs, LPs (will not accept pirated copies)
  • Craft items (no small pieces of materials please)

What we Don’t Accept

  • ALL BABY ITEMS – i.e. car seats, cribs, playpens, booster seats, etc.
  • Window blinds
  • Used cosmetic, perfume or hygiene products.
  • Items containing cooling agents such as freezers, air conditioners, de-humidifiers, water coolers.
  • Hazardous waste products: tires, batteries, paints, coolants, chemicals.
  • TV’s, computers, printers, scanners or monitors (unless they are flat-panel or modern Laptops.
  • Older TV/ Entertainment units that hold CRT TV’s.  (Usually share openings)
  • Anything damaged, dirty, unsafe or unusable

At times, we are unable to take certain items due to limited space, Please call 905-373-7202 prior to loading your vehicle in case there are certain items we cannot accept.

Thanks for helping us reduce waste!

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