What we Accept, and Don't Accept!

What we Accept

  • Clothing (clean)
  • Winter Sports equipment accepted September to February
  • Summer Sports equipment accepted March to August

Furniture - NO!

  • Sorry, we are Not taking furniture for the foreseeable future.

Other Materials

  • Dishes
  • Lighting (no ceiling fans)
  • Books (no encyclopedias, text books or Reader's Digest)
  • Hardware (no hazardous waste or building materials)
  • Small appliances (clean, complete and in working order. No crumbs, grease or baked-on food particles remaining)
  • Electronics (in working order) * see items we cannot accept *
  • CD's, DVD's, LP's
  • Craft items (no small pieces of materials please)
Books Ladies and George
Adult and Children's Clothing
Our Book Section

What we Don't Accept

  • ALL BABY ITEMS - no car seats, cribs, playpens, booster seats, etc.
  • Window blinds
  • Used cosmetics, perfume or hygiene products


  • No TV's, computers, printers, scanners or monitors (unless they are flat-panel or modern Laptops)
  • No older TV/Entertainment units that hold CRT TV's

Other Materials

  • Hazardous waste products like tires, batteries, paints, coolants, chemicals
  • Anything damaged, dirty, unsafe or unusable

Thanks for helping us reduce waste!

At times, we are unable to take certain items due to limited space, Please call 905-373-7202 prior to loading your vehicle in case there are certain items we cannot accept.

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If you need more information or clarification of what you can drop off, please call us or use our Contact Form.

Our Vision

To provide work, social, and training opportunities for developmentally disabled individuals, while promoting reduction, re-use, and recycling of waste in Northumberland County.


Shopping Hours

7 days a week
10am to 4pm


Mon - Sat 10am -3pm

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